Since COVID 19 more and more visually imparied has been using the Internet 

Many businesses are not aware that their website is not adaptable for visually imparied.


Here are some compaines that we have contacted and advised about having the webiste accessiblity added to their website - Compounding pharmacy - Eye health clinic - Stationery eCom store - real estate attorneys - Cannabis attorneys - Marketing Agency - HOA management Personal Injury Attorneys - Insurance Agency - Uber like solution for Caregivers - Cemetery - Hair Color brand (eCom Store) - Fashion brand (eCom store) - Restaurant - Home inventory portal for professions - American Art

Lawsuits for websites not ADA Compliance


Small business related


Bike Stores - 

Channel 8 Report on a shoe store - (or download here

Channel 10 including videos of Insurance Agent and Hotel Mnager talking about lawsuits- - this is an important read for you, as you will also learn how disabled people feel. Why this is important. 



Big brands lawsuits


Domino's - 

Winn-Dixie -

Burger King - 

Beyonce - 

Blue Apron -

A few examples -